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Writing essay on historical and modern trends in the hospitality industry

Hospitality is one of the fundamental concepts of humanity. According to the Oxford Dictionary hospitality is “friendly and generous behaviour towards guests”. The concept of "hospitality" dates back to the Stone Age, when the first trade journeys began and the first "trade" routes were formed. According to legend, even an event as important as the Trojan War began due to a guest's violation of the rules of hospitality. The Trojan Prince Paris was a guest of the King of Sparta Menelaus, but he abducted Menelaus's wife, Helen the Beautiful. Both the Odyssey and the Iliad are filled with episodes in which the rules of hospitality are either honored or ignored, and violation of these rules is inevitable punishment. For example, when Odysseus enters the island of the Cyclops, the Cyclops' treatment of Odysseus and his crew is a violation of hospitality. Penelope, Odysseus’s wife, along with her son Telemachus, were forced to feed and entertain 108 suitors, out of respect for Zeus “Xenios” (hospitality), not daring to drive them away, although they had been eating out of house and home for years.

Hospitality was a natural part of everyday life. All the homes of wealthy people had special rooms for guests. Usually, foreigners were accepted for free in rich houses, and these were not always relatives or acquaintances. In the traditional everyday culture, the institution of hospitality carried out an important social function: it allowed maintaining intense ties and contacts not only within one ethnic group, but also between representatives of different peoples.

In the modern world hospitality is a combination of means and methods by which the necessary level of comfort is provided and achieved. Hospitality is an integral part of any service, and no hotel, restaurant or touristic enterprise can do without it. Essay on hospitality and hospitality management in the modern world should not only review the management or financial issues, but also client-hospitality employee relationships, from the perspective of the ancient hospitality concept. The highest goal of business activity in the hospitality sector is, first of all, to satisfy the needs of the client, and only then - to increase the company's income. The income is the result of good hospitality organization, not aт ultimate goal in itself. Hotel operations must keep pace with technological progress, not only in order to ensure the competitiveness of a product or service, but, more importantly, to meet changes in consumer demand.

As stated earlier, hospitality means welcoming guests. In other words, this concept can be explained as the production of services with the manifestation of personal attention to a tourist and the ability to perceive his wishes and needs. The hospitality industry is about providing a customer with home comfort and creating an environment that would meet all the needs and requirements of the guest.


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