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Argumentative essay guide on Gun control debate in the USA

Gun control is one of the most urgent and controversial issues today in the USA. Popular tradition attributes Americans' fascination with firearms to the power of the gun lobby represented in the public mind by the National Rifle Association, the greed of gunsmiths, and citizens' respect for the Constitution, which has allowed Americans to own guns since the late 18th century. Thus, being an urgent social issue, gun control often becomes a topic for students’ essay. Usually, these essays are of argumentative type, therefore supporting or opposing the gun control and restriction. It means that, having decided which side to support, a student must research the issue and come up with the facts and arguments supporting the point of view expressed in his or her essay. The mass shootings of the 2000s and 2010s (like Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in 2018, 2019 El Paso shooting, Sutherland Springs church shooting in 2017) rocked the entire country and swung the pendulum of public opinion strongly in the direction of stricter controls on the trade and ownership of firearms in the United States. 

Nevertheless, the opposite idea should also be highlighted in the argumentative essay. The opponents of gun control, first of all, bring to evidence the Second Amendment ratified on December 15, 1791 saying it protects an individual’s right to own guns and, thus, the right to self-defense. Other arguments may be that gun control does not prevent suicides or crimes. Considering the conflicting views on the issue, you may also review and debate from the historical point of view the National Firearms Act, Federal Laws and court decisions. Or the social issues, like gun control lobbyists' position, the statistics on un homicide and suicide rates, unintentional shooting deaths, background, and mental health checks, etc. 

The structure of this written assignment is basically as follows:

  • Introduction 
  • Position Argumentation
  • Expected objections
  • Conclusion

In the introductory part you delineate the issue and state your opinion about it. In the main body of the argumentative essay, you should bring about several standpoints and support them with facts and illustrations. While working on the opposite view part you should state several on the opponent’s arguments and highlight why they are weak and dubious. It is necessary to end the essay with a conclusion, which briefly summarizes the thoughts and reasoning. The reader should come to a logical conclusion based on the given arguments.

Unlike the persuasive essay, the argumentative essay should not be emotionally colored, but rather matter-of-fact toned. It brings the facts to evidence the arguments, making it look more objective. Addressing counter arguments demonstrates your knowledge of the topic and awareness of existing opposing views. But be careful with the debates while writing on such a sensitive topic as gun control. Without denying the need to preserve the Second Amendment to the Constitution, you may stress the toughening verification of buyers and criminalizing manufacturers and sellers for illegal acquisition and use of weapons.


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